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Top Work From Home Survey Sites

Becoming an online panelist is one of the best ways to work from home and earn some extra cash from your computer. It won’t wake you rich, but it is a good side income and can earn you some extra cash for bills, toys, dinners or whatever you desire.

How Survey Sites Work

  • Upon registration these survey sites will send surveys invitations via email along with the respective reward amount.
  • You then respond and complete the questionnaire.
  • Qualification is usually determined with the first few questions (based on specific demographics that their looking for) and if you qualify and complete the survey you will be credited with the respective award.
  • Most surveys take anywhere from 10 to 30 minutes, depending a lot on the individual who takes them.
  • Most pay cash dollars, some pay points which you can accrue over time and exchange for cash or prizes or gift cards. When you visit these sites you can view a rewards page that highlights their specific award program. Some of these companies also conduct surveys via telephone, cell phone texting and in-person focus groups that pay even more.

Top Work from Home Survey Sites

Vindale Research has been around for a long time and has potential to make some great extra money. This site’s primary focus is the evaluation of products and services. Basically you sign up for trials of particular services and products. For instance, they had an online movie rental survey, where you sign up for for $9.99 for the first month (you may cancel anytime once that month ends) then you fill out a short survey about the sign up process experience. Vindale in return reimburses you for any costs associated with sign up as well as extra money for your time.

Vindale always pays as specified and they are completetly honest and I get to try out a lot of cool things for free. In the end the total that I got paid for Blockbuster from Vindale Research was $20 (9.99 for the trial fees I paid and the rest for my time) and I got a free month of movies. I have since done many evaluations and I steadily make about $50 (via Paypal or check by mail) every two weeks with my work from home with Vindale.

Inbox Dollars – Another great “get paid to” site that pays you incentives to try products, services and different offers. They offer a sign up bonus as well, sign up is always free and there are lots of discounts and coupons there as well for shopping.

Toluna Surveys is one of the best companies to work from home with and they send surveys for about $1-$5 a pop. Plus pays bonus bucks for completed profiles. They pay via check once you have a minimum of $10 on your account.

Global Test Market is a worldwide market research company, well known and well established. They pay to work from home with market points, which are exchanged for payment via check. Each market point is worth 5 cents, you can request payment once you reach 1000 points or $50. They send out lots and lots of surveys all worth between 5-100 points each so the points accrue quickly.

Greenfield Online sends out a lot of surveys on a variety of topics, for cash payment and some for sweepstakes entries, not my favorite thing. Payment can be received via Paypal or check.

American Consumer Opinion is a worldwide research company that offers work from home jobs by giving opportunities to consumers to voice opinions through online surveys. Cash via check payment for each completed survey is paid. Surveys focus on evaluation of new products, testing new advertising and consumer research.

Clear Voice – Another great work from home job with lots of surveys and choice of Amazon money, Dining Gift Cards or Prepaid Mastercards as payment.

Global Opinions/Synovate – Lots of surveys rewarded with points that are exchanged for cash equivalents, minimum payout is $20.

Valued Opinions – Another good one with lots of work from home survey opportunities, cash rewards and Paypal or check payments.

Partnership Plus – They ask you to report your clothing purchases monthly and pay you cash via check or with gift cards to a variety of different retailers. This is a great work from home opportunity because you do not need to qualify for surveys just do a monthly check in with your purchases and fill in some information about what you bought!

My Survey – Points rewarded for surveys then redeemed at different levels for cash. Their surveys are very short and so it takes a little while to accrue points, but the time investment is very short.

Opinion Square offers work from home online surveys on a variety of topics from cell phones to groceries. The rewards in the form of points that can be exchanged for a large variety of products, from electronics to kitchen items and DVD’s. I have a cordless phone and a DVD player that I got through them.

The Socratic Forum is a technology based research company. Surveys are mostly about technology, IT, computer specific topics, business, e-commerce and such. Most of the surveys require knowledge of these topics to qualify so unless you have the expertise you might be out of luck, like I have been quite often. They pay cash and the rewards are good, an average of $6 per survey.

Survey Savvy sends lots of surveys on all consumer topics with cash rewards and payment by check.

Zoom Panel rewards completed surveys with points, takes a while to accrue, and there are different redemption levels, the lowest is 1000 points redeemable for merchandise such a cell phone covers and a universal remote the highest is 10000 points which includes digital cameras, food processors and more.

Focus Forward Market Research Service also sends cash paying surveys, and payment can be requested once account reaches a total of $10.

Esearch is a prestigious company that sends high paying surveys and precious few of them some as high as $20 or more a pop, not bad for a few minutes of work from home, while watching TV.

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