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Make Money By Blogging

Blogging has become a preferred method for Internet entrepreneurs to make a living on the Internet whilst carrying out something that they love and enjoy. Making money by blogging is a great alternative in these hard economic times, where people are losing their jobs and cannot find new ones and maybe are spending a lot of time at home collecting unemployment checks. Why not take this opportunity to make money and become your own boss with the highly successful business of blogging for money, where the earning potential is unlimited, if you are willing to work hard.

If you would like to make money by blogging, then you first need to learn how to create, build and market a successful blog. Blogging is something that many people engage in for fun and socializing, but to make money by blogging you have to treat that blog as a business, and learn the correct niche and keyword research techniques, optimal marketing methods,  promotional venues, how to get traffic, on site optimization and the other components of a successful blog.

Learn the correct techniques and learn them the first time, and you will not waste precious time and money on mistakes that can be avoided.

The Best Teaching Programs to Learn To Make Money Online by Blogging

WordPress Blog Wizard 2.0
The ultimate WordPress and blogging coaching program in which you’ll find a series of more than 50 videos showing you everything you need to start a blog, get traffic and earn from it.

The Keyword Academy
This is one of the best beginners program on the web on creating money making blog sites with step-by-step guides, videos, tutorials, tools and resources to start, build, launch, promote and monetize a blog from beginning to end.

What is Blogging?
Blogging is a simple way to post fresh content and update a website easily. A blog is just a website that uses a dynamic software platform, like the free WordPress. WordPress software is easy to use and requires no coding whatsoever. The main difference between static website software and blog software, is that one is static site and the other is dynamic as it uses a feed or RSS technology, is updated regularly and has some other benefits besides those of which that come with static site software, such as the ability to spread the feed content over various places on the net. Blogs, as opposed to static websites, have a subscription option via an RSS reader or with email that alerts subscribers when the blog has updated. Blogs are usually more interactive than static sites and attract readers and subscribers, and are very much content driven.

The most successful blogs will focus on a specific niche or subject matter, choose profitable keywords and search phrases to use on their blogs and obtain targeted search traffic, which is traffic that converts better than any other.

Quite a few poeple are earning profits through blogging along with different advertising and marketing strategies, as well as possibilities. Affiliate marketing can definitely achieve success on the blog, which has ample visitors, credibility and authority.

There’s some substantial work involved initially with the starting of the blog as well as its marketing, but as soon as it is established merely sustaining the blog using frequent postings is generally more than enough to make money by blogging on a passive basis and keep the revenue rolling in.

Advertising Methods to Make Money By Blogging

The most profitable and common advertising methods for blogs include, Google Adsense, getting independent advertisers that will pay for ad placement on the blog and affiliate marketing. Let’s take a look at some of these.

Utilizing Google Adsense to Make Money By Blogging

Utilizing Google Adsense is among the most widely used methods for bloggers to create income using their blog. This process is really well liked simply because it’s also quite simple. Google Adsense is a program provided by Google in which bloggers accept (blank) advertisements on their blog and therefore are payed whenever visitors click on these types of ads. Bloggers merely need to build a blog and submit the web page address of the blog and also other sorts of details to submit an application for involvement in Adsense.

As soon as a blog is accepted the owner is provided program code they could easily copy and paste to get ads shown on their own blog. Google next serves suitable ads based on the content of the site for relevancy each time the blog is accessed by web traffic. All ads served within the blog are tightly associated with the actual content material of the blog since Google crawls the website in advance to ascertain which ads have relevancy towards the content material. Blog owners do have some capability to place limitations on the varieties of ads that might be visible on the blog. And, there are several different types of ads, and options for advertising, such as Google search. .

Selling Ad Space on Blogs To Make Money

Numerous bloggers make use of advertisements on their particular blogs to create an income. This process of advertising is more challenging compared to utilizing Adsense however it may be much more financially good for the blogger. This process of advertising and marketing is comparable to the kind of specific advertising frequently observed in magazines. For instance magazines for families frequently offer ads that will attract mom and dad like ads for toys and games, kid’s clothes or even food items favored by kids. Similarly a newspaper intended for runners might offer ads meant for footwear, sports clothing, races or exercising products. In these types of cases the particular advertisers purchase advertising room within the journal in the expectation that the magazine’s target market is going to be tempted to buy services or products once viewing these types of ads.

Blog owners implement this kind of advertising however it may be difficult to find willing advertisers. Nevertheless, there are several elements, which might help to make an advertiser much more prepared to contract ad space on a blog. Among the foremost key elements for advertisers is the quantity of targeted traffic the blog receives. This will be significant since advertisers that are investing in ad space are prone to put money into a blog with higher traffic compared to one with little or no visitors.

An additional essential element for advertisers may be the focus with the blog. Advertisers are prone to buy ads space from a blog having a particular focus or niche that is related to the advertiser’s audience. Such as the illustrations detailed earlier of magazines for mothers and fathers as well as athletes, advertisers wish to advertise on a blog that is currently attaining a similar audience.

Bloggers that make use of advertising on their website might be paid out in a variety of methods. A few advertisers might pay out a set price for that ad to operate on the blog, or sometimes they will pay a set amount for a certain number of page impressions generated by the blog, also, known as CPM. This indicates the advertiser might buy space for any set length of time, weeks or months or might buy space for a set amount of occasions the ad will be served to blog site visitors.

At the same time the advertiser might decide to pay the blogger based on how many specific actions happen. This might consist of visitors clicking through the advert or even visitors making a purchase order right after clicking through the ad. This type of payout is usually worked out between the blogger and advertiser prior to placing the ad.

Affiliate Marketing to Make Money by Blogging

Countless companies pay out a commission if you’re able to generate revenue for their web sites through promoting their own items and/or services. An affiliate is able to work from home and make money online by being a middleman between online visitors and merchant products. By referring consumers to the products they are looking for, the affiliate gets a commission for every requisite action the visitor performs on the merchant’s site through an Affiliate Program. It is a fact that many people are making money by blogging with affiliate programs. Promoting products from popular websites like eBay, Overstock and Amazon, as well as big name merchants, like Wal Mart, Apple and HP is a very lucrative business. Learn more about starting an online business with affiliate marketing.

Pay Models for Affiliates to Make Money Online:

There are several pay models that come with affiliate marketing. Usually the pay scale, commission percentage and payouts are preset by the affiliate and merchant terms.

1. Pay Per Lead – The visitor completes a lead, such as a free trial.

2. Pay Per Sale/Action – Visitor buys something from the merchant and a set commission is paid

3. Pay Per Action – The visitor completes whatever action is required by the vendor or merchant and the affiliate gets a set commission.

4. Pay Per Click – For example, Google Adsense. The visitor clicks on an add link and the affiliate is paid for just getting the click.

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  1. “Blogging has become a preferred method for Internet entrepreneurs to make a living on the Internet?”

    Do you have something to support this?

    I have had a blog for over seven years and most of my income is from sales of services, followed by affiliate marketing.
    .-= Alison Moore Smith´s last blog ..WordPress Backup: A Two-Step Process =-.


  2. Dave says:

    I would go for affiliate marketing over adsense for high profits. Much less research involved and the profits can be higher. A blog does not need to look like a blog it can look like an e-commerce site.
    .-= Dave´s last blog ..How To Make Money With Amazon: An Affiliate Marketing Guide =-.


  3. Thank you for the post and the comments. I’m new to blogging. I started blogging to promote my candle lantern business. I currently do not have any adsense ads placed on my blog page but I’m on my way over to Google to get my unique code.
    .-= Shirley Kelly´s last blog ..Wedding Reception on a Budget =-.


  4. tekkaus says:

    IMHO, Adsense is by far the most reliable source of income for blogging. :D
    tekkaus´s last blog post ..18 Ways On How To Make Money Blogging


  5. Jung Wasden says:

    nice blog post. very informative


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