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Use Your Skills to Work From Home and Make Money on the Internet

I use video to help my customers not just learn new skills and master new ways of using my low cost alternative to small business accounting software packages like QuickBooks or Peachtree but to teach them other useful business skills such as people management and planning. As I shall show you in a moment it is now very simple to take the skills and knowledge you have and turn this asset into digital content and market and sell it to a worldwide audience. Creating your own digital product is absolutely the best way to stay in control and make a higher margin as you legitimately stay in touch with your customers and use their feedback to refine what you have built and potentially sell more.

Creating and delivering video online is now incredibly simple and the significance of its popularity is epitomised by the number of videos available from YouTube and in downloadable podcasts. I can deliver my small business accounting software through just about every modal via the internet and guess what the traffic just follows.

The best instructional videos I have seen have always been produced using a technique called storyboarding this helps you decide and refine how you to best share your knowledge with your audience. If you have ever given a presentation or a talk using slides made by microsoft powerpoint or apple keynote then you are off to a great start to storyboard your video. The really good news is that you can produce a storyboard, create your video and fine tune it and get it to market without spending any money what so ever the most this exercise is going to cost you is time and effort and believe me you will learn so much that you will look back and see that this is time well spent.

TechSmith Camtasia Studio is the video producing software that I recommend as it will let you produce your video in YouTube, Podcast, QuickTime and Windows Media format and there are some great tutorials you should watch before you download their trial software (please don’t do this now). Downloading and installing the Camtasia software before you have got everything else ready will reduce the amount of time you have to produce and refine your video.

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