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Writing Opportunities to Make Money Online with Zero Investment

People who are the least bit savvy about Web marketing know there are plenty of scams. Unfortunately, marketers with no morals take advantage of the multitudes of innocent people who are looking for the means to improve their lives by making money on the Web. It’s a shame, because millions probably get duped into spending money uneccessarily, only to chase down avenues with dead ends. Fortunately, there are ways you can make money online with no money required. This will probably come as a revelation to those who have been ripped off by Internet schemes!

But sometimes one person’s scam is another person’s good opportunity. A good example of this is the recent controversy over an online business-in-a-box, called site Build It. Some believe that at least one person has written a SBI review that wasn’t entirely accurate. The owner stepped forward to defend himself and he might be right about his product being on the up-and-up. But it would be up to any potential buyer to do his or her own research.

One of the ways I make money on the Internet is above-board and also fairly simple to implement. I make money with no money on HubPages. HubPages — a community blogging site —  makes it quite simple to create content and generate ad revenue. You can create as many or as few content “hubs” as you like. Each hub you create can make up to five types of revenue: Google AdSense, Kontera in-text ads, Amazon products, eBay auction items and any affiliate program you’d like to implement. Sixty percent of the impressions (page views) that generate revenue go to you and HubPages gets the other forty percent. Affiliate programs are an exception to that rule though; One hundred percent of income generated by clicks from an affiliate link on a hub would belong to you. It takes a while to get good at creating money-making hubs but in my opinion, the money you can earn over time makes it worth the effort.

One of the affiliate programs I like to use on my hubs is RevResponse, because it provides great free information for people. When people click on links to any of the RevResponse publications or White Papers and qualify, you benefit financially. It’s that simple. Qualifying is not a shoe-in though, so that aspect is important to understand. To get more details about the RevResponse rules, you might want to check out this affiliate marketing review. The information in the review will help you know whether RevResponse is right for your particular audience.

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