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Efusjon MLM Home Business Review

What is Efusjon

Efusjon is a Network Marketing company which began in 2009 in the month of January marketing a few ‘healthy’ energy drinks.  Rather than taking any of the traditional approaches to MLM, they modeled their growth after a wine club and created a unique compensation plan called ‘The Community Overlap Matrix’.This gives you the benefit of the sales volume of people who aren’t involved in any aspect of your opportunity.

I first heard of Efusjon from a friend of mine who was excited out of her mind about a business that ‘it’s not MLM, it’s something better’.  (Which, of course, was B.S. – Efusjon is absolutely a MLM company)

She told me ‘all you have to do is get three people, that’s it, and you’re rich’.

Regardless of whether you have a ‘Community Overlap’ or a ‘Magical Infinity Bonus’ you need to sponsor a LOT more than 3 people to prosper in Network Marketing.

I spent some time as of late researching Efusjon and it remains unclear whether this will turn into a huge company or be a short lived, yet profitable fad?Or are they going to be around 20 years from now?

There are 3 main strong points to the Efusjon business model that you can leverage in building your business.  I’m going to cover these first, from the perspective of someone who’s not involved.

1.  The STRONGEST selling point in the Efusjon business model, by far, is the community overlap bonus.  This is a revolution to compensation plans that will no doubt be copied by hundreds of MLMs in the future, and has a chance of helping to create some of the biggest checks in Network Marketing history.

2.  Energy drinks are a hot item right now. While the Energy Drink market is growing – it may not always be that way. Over the next five years, the energy drink market is predicted to jump by more than double it’s size.

3. Efusjon is innovating a new Facebook tool that automatically promotes your business using social networking.

So there you go.  So why after all of these ways did you decide not to get involved in Efusjon?

I always simply ask myself “Would I buy this product if there weren’t a business opportunity attached to it”?’  For me, the answer is simply no.To be simple, and to the point – I simply don’t like the way that Efusjon’s energy drinks taste (although many others seem to think otherwise – so I’ll hold my tongue…).

Sometimes, I find people just get involved for money, and that’s what gives MLM a bad reputation.However, you may be busting at the seems with excitement for the Efusjon business – you are welcome to jump right in and I’m sure you’ll prosper if you work hard.

Also – who says that the energy drink market will keep growing? Couldn’t it be a short lived fad.It that becomes a reality, Efusjon needs to eventually adapt it’s product line – although you can make money in the mean time as is.  But I’m no prophet – what do you think?If the market does collapse, though, perhaps you could profit over the short term anyways.

The best advice I can give you regarding Efusjon is to make sure you market your business in an attractive, profitable way. By learning some simple marketing strategies, you’ll never have to try and recruit a family member again – you’ll attract thousands of people into your business like bees are attracted to honey.

Simply put – learn how to attract others to your business and you can make as much money as you want in Efusjon or any other company if you choose. You’ll have success no matter what company you join. By far the best benefit to learning this is that you’ll be able to write your own check.

You can visit the following website for the full version of this report:  David Wood’s uncut Efusion Review.

I desire that you take this information, and prosper in whatever company you choose.  If you want to learn how you can sponsor 20-50 reps into Efusjon or any other MLM business you choose, you can visit my website: MLM Training Secrets

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