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An Easy Way For Kids To Make Money Online

Each and every day, hundreds of thousands of people will search for additional ways to make money on the Internet. The vast majority of these anonymous searchers are adults who are looking to add on to their current monthly income with supplemental passive income being earned online as an added bonus. Despite the fact that the majority of these people are adults, there actually are a large number of minors who are also looking to make more money than they currently are, specifically with Internet services.

With a few keystrokes in a search engine being activated, the majority of these children will immediately face the harsh reality that there is very little opportunity’s for them to make additional money online. The vast majority of the opportunities for moneymaking plans on the net will require credit cards or at least the pledge that the user is well over 18 years old. The amount of actual lucrative opportunities for the younger generation is few and far between, but fortunately they aren’t impossible to find.

Cash Crate is one of the best job offers for children under 13 years of age due to the fact that it only requires the person to fill out information about them for small amounts of money. Each offer will be sold to advertisers, but will pay the person filling out the information between $.50 and $2 per standard, free offer. This can easily rack up to large amounts of money for anyone, especially younger children who don’t need to earn as much.

It’s important to understand that while all kids over 13 years of age are allowed to participate in the program due to the Terms of Service, children should always ask for their parents permission first. For more information on this program, please check out the following Cash Crate guide which explains the minimum age to use Cash Crate.

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  1. TriNi says:

    Cashcrate has been a great source of income for me. It was the first site I joined when it comes to making money online, and it’s turned into a snow ball effect for now I do things such as affiliate marketing and Google adsense, which I never thought about doing before Cashcrate.. or even knew existed.

    I’d say it’s a great money making opportunity and everyone should get involved, and yes the minimum age is only 13 so it’s a great side income for kids!

    - TriNi
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  2. I never knew thirteen year olds have such places on the net considering their limitations with credit cards and most website’s EULA.
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  3. steam cabin says:

    It is good to involve the kid in practical life to give them actual view of life.
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  4. Connie Hazen says:

    Besides cashcrate there are quite a few survey sites that accept kids as well. Some are designed strictly for kids. My daughter loves to participate as long as they aren’t “loooong” surveys.


  5. I saw this cool post today….

    Here are some of the sites we recommend for our visitors….

  6. Same here I didn’t know that underage can register to that kind of websites because I believe most of the websites will ask for your birthdays and if you are in legal age, again some try to fake their account details just to sign up.



  7. I often visit Fiverr and there we can find a lot of ideas how kids can make money – just like delivering flyers with advertisments. Probably they should use parents PayPal, but using similar micro job sites it is possible to quite easily earn $10-$20 a day.


  8. blogging and fivver are best ways to earn money online
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  9. fiverr and blogging is good to earn money
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