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5 Tips For Creating A Website That Works

There are many tips for creating a website that work. If you want to boost your sales, your website design is very important. Here are 5 tips that work:

Do not waste time

When someone comes to the site, they must be able to instantly see what the site is about. If they cannot see what your site is about in 30 seconds or less, they will leave. Make sure you keep it simple.

Many sites have tons of options, and can end up confusing the visitor. If you do not make it simple, you will lose them. The best way to do this is to keep your page layout is clear and simple. Also, avoid having too much flash.

Simple navigation

The easier the site is to look through, the more sales you will make. The fewer choices there are, the better. For one page sales letters, this is obviously easy. However, with other kinds of sites it gets a bit trickier.

One thing you should know is that many people see 4-5 things as a single group. However, if there are more than 5 tabs, they divide it into sub-groups. Therefore, it would be smart to keep your number of navigation tabs to 5-6, but no more.

Keep the content simple

If you a sales letter, it might be tempting to include a lot of fancy headlines, flash, oversized fonts, etc. However, this could just end up overwhelming people. There is nothing wrong with drawing people’s attention to particular page elements, but do it in a tasteful way. If you overdo it, you will just drive people away.

Kept everything 3 clicks away from the homepage

No pages should be more than 3 clicks away. If you have any interior pages deeper than this, you will just frustrate your visitors-not to mention hurt your chances of ranking in the search engines.

Keep the language basic

The best copywriters know that you should write your content at a 5th grade level. This might sound strange, but it really does work if you want to make more sales.


There are many tips for creating a website out there. Use these 5 guidelines, and you will see results shortly. You should also note that these tips are only an introduction to creating a great website that can make a profit. There are a lot of other factors to consider. If you need more in-depth information on creating websites, check out Shuckabuck.com.

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